Commercial Pylon/Pole Signs

Pylon signs are big, lit-up boxes on sturdy poles that can be really tall, from 20 to over 80 feet high. They’re also called pole signs and they’re great for getting noticed from far away. Places like office buildings, gas stations, and stores often use them, especially along roads or highways. We make sure these signs are super strong and can handle windy weather by following strict engineering rules.

Depending on how big they are, the faces of our pylon signs are made from special materials like polycarbonate or Cooley brite flexible material with a possible UV coating to protect them from the sun.


Boost your San Antonio business’s visibility with strong Commercial Pylon Signs. These outdoor signs stand tall on sturdy poles, making them easy to see from far away. They’re perfect for places where lots of people drive by. These signs are key for getting noticed and helping customers find your place.

Versatile Applications

Commercial Pylon Signs are exceptionally beneficial not only for individual businesses but also for shopping centers and multi-tenant complexes. These signs provide visibility from both directions, ensuring that your message effectively reaches diverse audiences. Furthermore, their significant height and prominence boost your brand’s visibility, even from afar, making them a standout choice for impactful signage.

Tailored to Your Specifications

At Red Hot Signs, we excel in adapting Commercial Pylon Signs to meet the specific promotional needs of each client. Whether your project is for a single location or a complex with multiple stakeholders, we customize every element from design and size to lighting solutions. We also guarantee the durability of our signs, ensuring they withstand the local climate and retain their aesthetic appeal.

Strategic Sign Placement

Leverage the strategic placement of Commercial Pylon/ Pole Signs to maximize your advertising impact. Designed to cut through urban clutter, these signs elevate your message above the competition, creating a distinctive and memorable landmark. Collaborate with us at Red Hot Signs to develop a signage solution that not only identifies your location but also elevates your market presence.

Consolidate Your Market Position

Choose standout signage from Red Hot Signs to cement your competitive position in the bustling San Antonio market. Our expertly crafted signs are specifically designed to grab attention and attract more patrons to your business, making a significant impact with their prominent and appealing features. These signs ensure your advertising is not only seen but remembered, enhancing your visibility and business reach effectively.

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