Commercial Signs for San Antonio

Discover the diverse range of commercial signs crafted at Red Hot Signs, tailored for businesses in San Antonio and beyond. Our extensive selection meets all your needs, enhancing storefronts or elevating interior designs. Furthermore, from A-frame signs to dynamic digital displays, we design each category to meet your business’s unique demands.

Browse our detailed sign categories to find the perfect sign for your brand. Each section features a gallery that showcases our work, offering a glimpse of the quality and creativity we bring to every project. Furthermore, whether you need robust outdoor signs that withstand the elements or elegant interior displays that capture your brand’s essence, we possess the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Explore our sign categories to learn about the specific types of signs we offer. Moreover, discover how we can help your business stand out in the competitive San Antonio market:

  • A-Frame SignsA-frames, also known as Sandwich Boards, stand independently on their supports. Comprising two faces, these commercial signs easily advertise outdoors, offer great portability and are a great wayfinding solution.
  • Acrylic/Polycarbonate Signs Acrylic has a gloss finish and is less durable. Polycarbonate, also known as plexiglass, is much more resilient, signs are made of versatile and durable plastic. Additionally, pylon sign inserts made from acrylic allow light to shine through, enhancing visibility at night.
  • Aluminum/ Max Metal Aluminum and Max Metal fabricated signs offer a durable and lightweight advertising solution. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation, these signs ensure long-lasting visibility and effectiveness.
  • Banners Banners, printed on several types of material, offer versatile display options based on their orientation. You can add grommets for hanging or use banner stands for vertical displays. Additionally, banners are a fast and easy solution for temporary promotions and celebrations.
  • Channel Letters/ Box Signs – Channel Letters and Box signs, dynamic and durable, mount on buildings to advertise businesses. We craft the faces from acrylic and illuminate them internally with LED lights, enhancing visibility.
  • Coroplast Signs Coroplast is a light weight, hollow and long-lasting material. Most popularly used as yard signs. They are an easy and affordable way to advertise messages, slogans, business logos and so much more in multiple areas reaching people in many areas of the city. 
  • Magnetic Signs Magnetic vehicle signs are great for effortless advertising and allow you to promote your business and or name while not in the office. Available in whatever size you may need.
  • Monument Signs Monuments signs serve more as a permanent structure, generally having a low profile which gives a great direct line of sight for passersby. They can be manufactured with different types of construction materials, offering a variety of shapes, forms and lighting choices (internal or external).
  • Pylon Signs Pylon signs are outdoor, free standing, single- or double-sided structures that are commonly supported by one or two poles. Great form of advertising for a business to be seen from long distances as well as for complexes with multi-tenants.
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